Who We Are

The Institute for Human Flourishing is committed to serving God and loving our neighbor by working towards a more humane and flourishing society that understands and embraces our nature as image bearers of God. Because our common cultural institutions share and reinforce our understandings of God, our world, and ourselves, we believe that only a society which embraces this understanding of humanity has the resources to flourish.

We believe that Western Civilization is slowly drifting from this foundation. The Institute seeks, through scholarly engagement with our core ideas and application of these ideas to every cultural sphere, to reshape our culture in universally beneficial ways. What we have in Western Culture is a gift to be cherished. We want to preserve this gift by helping others consider what it means to be truly human, especially as this humanity is expressed in the arts, ethics, medicine, law, history, anthropology, psychology, sociology, political theory, philosophy, theology, economics, business, and other cultural spheres.  Not only is this breadth and depth of engagement important for human flourishing, these endeavors testify to our abilities and diversity as image bearers.

Not all will agree with this program or its presuppositions. Strong philosophical, cultural, scientific, and even theological currents will push against cultural appropriation of these ideas and concepts. Nevertheless, in the image of God, we have tremendous resources to pursue human flourishing and the common good. Knowing that “to whom much has been given, much will be required, (Luke 12:48)” we seek to embed this idea in every part of our culture that all may flourish and God may be glorified.