Given the importance of ideas in cultural formation and practice, we seek to provide a platform for scholarly work on some of the most pressing issues of our day. Critical to our work is the development of the core idea of the institute, the imago dei. Despite its wide usage in Christian thought and foundational role in Western Civilization, it remains a contested and ambiguous theological idea. We believe a rigorous engagement with this Christian doctrine is needed for human flourishing and can best be fostered in a community of scholars and theologically adept professionals who bring their expertise and unique perspective to bear on questions of the imago dei, human personhood, and identity.

We will encourage not only scholarly development of the idea itself, but also its application broadly in our society. We want to help scholars and cultural leaders take the idea of the image of God and work it out in their particular field, whether it be art, philosophy, the social sciences, medicine, biology, business, or any other cultural sector.