As part of the 1:22 Campaign, participants are encouraged to pray each day, at 1:22pm, for an end to unjust abortion laws in this country and around the world.

Are there specific needs that should be prayed for?
  • Pray for the unborn and vulnerable-for those at risk of abortion-that their lives might be protected.
  • Pray for mothers of unborn children considering abortion, that their hearts might be softened towards their child and that they would have courage to choose another option.
  • Pray for fathers of the unborn, that they might speak up for the life of their child and stand up for their family.
  • Pray for families experiencing a crisis pregnancy, that they would experience grace and mercy.
  • Pray for abortionists and other pro-abortion advocates, that the Lord might change their hearts.
  • Pray for social attitudes towards abortion, that society would desire an end to this loss of life; also that people might gain an understanding that this stage of human life reflects God’s image as well as any other.
  • Pray for lawmakers and government officials, that they would champion laws that protect and value life at all stages.
  • Pray for Pro-Life ministries, sidewalk counselors and others who have a platform or opportunity to minister to those considering or supporting abortion, that God might give them strength, courage, and the support they need to proclaim the truth that all human life is valuable.
  • Pray for the Church, that Christ’s teaching would empower us to boldly advocate on behalf of the unborn.

While each individual prayer is a gift, there are many heartfelt prayers that have been written in response to the evils of abortion which others may desire to read, reflect upon, or pray themselves. We have included some of those here, along with their helpful sources for the reflection and reading of 1:22 Campaign participants.

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