What is the 1:22 Campaign?

Q: What is the 1:22 Campaign?

A: The 1:22 Campaign is an invitation to pray for and petition for an end to unjust abortion laws.  Every day at 1:22pm, Campaign participants are asked to spend one minute in prayer for the unborn, an end to unjust abortion laws, and for wisdom and guidance for our lawmakers or others, including those in the medical profession or those in ministry, that they might have the courage to stand up and speak out against abortion.

Q: How did the Campaign get its name?

A: 1:22 stands for the date-January 22, or 1/22-in 1973 that the United States Supreme Court passed Roe v. Wade.  Fittingly, participants are then asked to pray at 1:22pm to commemorate the innocent lives of those who were lost as a result of that January 22 decision.

Q: Why pray for just one minute?

A: One minute, or sixty seconds, represents one second for every million unborn lives that have been lost-60 million-since the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973.  While participants are certainly invited to pray more, we believe that there’s power even in short, daily prayers that ask for an end to abortion.

Q:  Do I need to sign up to be a part of the 1:22 Campaign?

A: No, there is no need to sign up, but we would love to know that you participated!

Q:  How can I remember to participate?

A: Set an alarm on your phone, email, etc. to remind you at 1:22pm to pray.  Participants can also request a 1:22 Campaign button to wear.  If you are interested in a 1:22 Campaign button, please click here.

Q: I am praying with the 1:22 Campaign, but what else can I do?

A: Consider contacting your local and state representatives and lawmakers.  For more information on who to contact or how to reach out to government officials, click here.

Encourage your family, friend group, church, or Bible study to participate in the 1:22 Campaign with you.

Q: Where can I find more information about the problem of abortion or resources to read or share with others?

A: There are some informational and helpful resources that we’ve put together; click here if you’d like to learn more or equip yourself to respond to the issue of abortion.